Basic Tower Climbing Course

Basic Tower Climbing Course

Course Information

Course fee
$450.00 + GST
1 day
Written Assessment, Practical Performance
SDU Points
SDF Funding
MOM Accredited

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Basic Tower Climbing Course

This course teaches delegates the use of technical fall protection equipment to gain access to and egress on open structures like telecommunications towers, pylons, and other open-lattice steel.

Course highlights

Theory Syllabus (E-Learning Available)

  • Introduction to Work At Height
  • Understanding Fall Factor
  • Orthostatic Intolerance
  • Introduction to Height Safety Equipment
  • Unsafe Practices
  • Pre-Use Inspection

Practical Syllabus

  • Climbing Techniques
  • Use of Work Positioning, Lanyards, Retractable Lifeline, Vertical Lifelines & Fall Arrestors
  • Open Structure Climbing
  • Temporary Fall Arrest Lines on Open Structures
  • Rescue and Recovery
  • Harness Fitting and Pre-use Inspection
  • Safety Check

Recommended For

Telecommunications tower repair and maintenance operators.

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