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Managing Work-At-Height Course: The original WAH framework differentiated the training for Managers, Assessors and Supervisors. The MWAH course is a rationalized course that incorporates management, assessment and supervisory roles into one WAH Eco system.



  • Identify, explain and apply the relevant Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Legislations / Approved Code of Practice / Singapore Standards applicable to Work at Heights (WAH)
  • Identify and explain the Roles & Responsibilities of stakeholders, competent and responsible persons.
  • Identify hazards, evaluate the risk, and implement control measures for WAH activities
  • Establish, evaluate, reviews and implement a Fall Prevention Plan
  • Establish and implement a system for an effective monitoring and control of WAH risks.
  • Demonstrate competency in donning. checking and correcting of Individual Fall Protection Equipment and Responding to a fall emergency.

COURSE FEE                         $370 + GST

DURATION                            2.5 days

MEDIUM                               English

ASSESSMENT                       Written + Practical Assessment

SDU POINTS                          Pending

SDF FUNDING                       Pending

MOM ACCREDITED              Learning Service Provider

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