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ASRETEC can conduct MICRO LEARNING Workshops for your organizations by running short and effective workshops, toolbox talks as well as equipment familiarization sessions.

Simple workshops such as LADDER SAFETY Workshops have been very well conducted as we have always engaged the participants with valuable real safety tips on how to choose, use and inspect ladders safely.

There are many small and effective steps that can be taken to get the buy in from the participants and ASRETEC‘s approach has always been pragmatic and straight from the heart. The concept of Safety requires a REVOLUTION, not just an education.

ASRETEC is very experienced in organizing and conducting Safety Demonstrations and Talks. Our emphasis is always on PRACTICAL Demonstrations and REAL WORLD Scenarios rather than powerpoint presentations.

We have organized large scale Work at Height Conferences and countless of practical workshops targeting the various stakeholders of the Work at Height EcoSystem.

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