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At ASRETEC, our approach to occupational safety is down-to-earth, practical and solutions-centric.

We believe that it takes more than textbook-styled presentations and branded equipment to safeguard the lives of people at work. We adopt an integrated approach where all stakeholders play important roles to ensure safe outcomes.

Operational Safety is the principal paradigm out of which we operate. For the purpose of safety needs, the training pedagogy and the equipment deployed have  to be integrated with the realities of jobs. A seriousness in safety and training. Only then will the people on the ground readily embrace a true safety culture.

Stay Safe!

Jonathan Wan, Managing Director


  • Online and micro-learning platform
  • Cutting edge technology-led lessons to engage trainees
  • Simulators that incorporate realistic training through technology to enhance effectiveness of trainings



ASRETEC is a professional service provider that is able to analyze the work at height hazards you face at your workplace.

Our specialist knowledge in Work at Height safety will help you to operationalize your fall prevention or protection plans.

ASRETEC sees the importance of INTEGRATION of Safety and Operations and does not see these two elements of work as incompatible.

We strive to allow our clients to make sense of and validate the Fall Protection elements of their Safety Management Systems.


ASRETEC can conduct MICRO LEARNING Workshops for your organizations by running short and effective workshops, toolbox talks as well as equipment familiarization sessions.

Simple workshops such as LADDER SAFETY Workshops have been very well conducted as we have always engaged the participants with valuable real safety tips on how to choose, use and inspect ladders safely.

There are many small and effective steps that can be taken to get the buy in from the participants and ASRETEC‘s approach has always been pragmatic and straight from the heart. The concept of Safety requires a REVOLUTION, not just an education.

ASRETEC is very experienced in organizing and conducting Safety Demonstrations and Talks. Our emphasis is always on PRACTICAL Demonstrations and REAL WORLD Scenarios rather than powerpoint presentations.

We have organized large scale Work at Height Conferences and countless of practical workshops targeting the various stakeholders of the Work at Height EcoSystem.



Fall Protection Systems should be carefully designed and professionally installed. Life-preserving solutions are our first priority.

At ASRETEC, we study the intended use of the system in order to formulate a cost effective and operationally efficient fall protection system for your needs. The system should not hinder work and should be user friendly.

We are a firm believer in the role played by the Management in developing effective fall protection solutions. The ability to connect operational use with the help of management control is one of the key strengths of ASRETEC.

We are pragmatic and understand the needs of various stakeholders in the operational chain.


The main reason behind height accidents occur due to some form of failure in access provision. at ASRETEC, we are able to provide consultation and access services for problematic access situations. Our solutions include:

  • Rope Access
  • Scaffolding
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
  • Specialized Fall Protection or Work
  • Positioning Systems
  • Rescue standby for Hazardous Work and more
  • Cladding Installation

Our professional access specialist can also be tasked to carry out complex work tasks if required.

ASRETEC is experienced in cleaning the facade of buildings using rope access, scaffolding and mobile elevating work platforms. The advantage of using more than one access system makes cleaning, painting and minor repairs efficient and reduces the amount of downtime for your facility and home.


Work at Height Rescue is a more complex form of rescue, higher elevations and difficult access issues may hinder the average rescuer. ASRETEC is able to conduct the full suite of work at height rescue services and training for multiple scenarios. We are also able to train, equip and validate your rescue teams.

The ability to plan for a rescue by studying the work method for a required job can simplify matters greatly for any contractor who works at height.  ASRETEC can study the safe work procedures of your jobs and recommend, prepare rescue kits and conduct rescue standbys for your work.

ASRETEC has conducted Rescue Training covering technical, tactical as well as command elements of Cable Car Rescue, Tower Rescue as well as Confined Space Rescue. The training is detailed and realistic and also covers the crucial command and control element often lacking in basic rescue training.


At ASRETEC, we recognize the importance of critical thinking and hands on experience as part of adult learning pedagogy. As such, we revolve our training philosophy around experiential learning.

Our classes are structured to include case studies, discussions and the sharing of experiences. Through these activities, we engage our students to reflect and capture their experiences and transform them into effective learning.

Our training also places a strong emphasis on practical experiences. We term them as “Real Training for the Real World”.

By engaging all sense of the human body, we provide realistic training that would prepare the learner for the work that they will perform in the days ahead.

To us, the priceless value of human life traverses across nationalities, race & region. Each worker deserves proper and adequate training that would bring them home safely each day.


The original WAH framework differentiated the training for Managers, Assessors and Supervisors. The MWAH course is a rationalized course that incorporates management, assessment and supervisory roles into one WAH Eco system.

The WAH Course for Workers is a hands-on course to train workers to understand the risks involved as well as how to protect themselves when working at height.

The WAH Course for Managers (Integrated) integrates Management and Supervisory skillsets. Managers are custodian of the policies and directly responsible for the safety outcomes of the policy and management of your workplace. This course integrates supervisory skills and management roles so that the correlation between the two can be clearly seen.

The WAH Course for Assessors (Integrated) integrates Assessor and Supervisory skillsets into an integrated course. As an assessor, it is your duty to assist the Manager by CONFIRMING that the work that is to be carried out by the supervisor and workers are according to the policies and system of work set by the Manager.

The Confined Space Entry and Rescue Course trains you (hard) to be able to maintain your personal safety while conducting a rigorous rescue in a confined space scenario using SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and Tripod with Winch and Pulley.

ASRETEC Rescue after a Fall Course places strong emphasis on practical skill sets requires to use basic rescue kits to raise or lower a victim from height. This skill set is useful for on-site emergency response personnel and WSH personnel responsible for emergency response (Required by WAH regulations in the Fall Prevention Plan)

Learn to climb towers using step bolts, vertical ladders, use fall protection as well as work positioning systems at ASRETEC Basic Tower Climbing Course. The course is useful for anyone whole work involves (as the name implies) tower climbing.

ASRETEC conducts overseas courses as required. Here are a few of our past overseas training we have conducted.

  • Rescue from cable car or amusement rides
  • General safety training
  • Scaffold erector and user course

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