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Many in the training industry believe that learning takes place in the classroom. At Asretec, we believe that to be blatantly untrue. Hands-on and practical training delivers the best learning training outcomes for many industrial safety training competencies.

There’s a difference between knowing how the harness works as compared to actually using a harness at work and you do not need to understand the theory of the “fire triangle” in order to use a fire extinguisher effectively.

Asretec sees the difference between training and education as such.


Acquiring and maintaining skills that a candidate can demonstrate practically. You train to be able to do something, perform a task, execute a drill.

While it is true that there may be a lot of underpinning knowledge beneath the skills acquired, this gap between the skill and the knowledge falls within the realm of education.

Most of our courses spanning between one day to two weeks tend to be training courses structured to help you acquire hard and soft skills. While it may point you in the right direction to educate yourself on the underpinning knowledge of these skills, it serves only as a catalyst to further education.


Education involves a broader knowledge based learning of the subjects you are interested in.

Education is the longer process of internalising the skills that you may have acquired. It is the basis and the theories behind many of the tasks that you may have to perform. It is the solid safety net which forms the basis of good decision making. At Asretec, we seek to inculcate and develop the proper paradigm for approaching industrial safety and operational work.

A true professional never ceases to educate himself or herself continuously. A good combination of training and education makes a more complete professional.

We all agree that there different learning styles. Some people are kinesthetic , auditory or visual learners.

Trainers and facilitators at Asretec will try to accommodate to the learner’s needs. However, many hard skills are learnt only through execution which means that no matter what your your learning style is, you will have to use your hands.

Asretec sells solutions and if equipments are part of the solution, then we sell it. What we do not do is to push equipment for sales volume sake. Personal protective equipment is not and should not be the first answer that you seek. It is neither cost efficient nor particularly effective and is the last line of defence in industrial safety.

The equipment that we sell tend to be tailored towards cost effectiveness and operational effectiveness with meticulous attention paid to human factors. Thus we believe in familiarisation training for whatever solutions that we provide.

MOM’s accreditation lands the initial weight that the validation of the course syllabus and training standards would reach the requirement of MOM. This does not equate to the training being exceptionally effective or even applicable to a particular industry or line of work.

Non-MOM accredited courses can also be tailored to fulfil the requirements of the law as well as the requirements of the organisation.

Both have its pros and cons so choose what suits your organisation best.

For example, MOM- accredited courses are excellent for baseline, entry level, general training that covers a spread of skills with strong emphasis on legal requirements.

Customised courses can optimise training outcomes by targeting specifically the training outcomes required by the organisation while fulfilling the requirements of the law.

However, the burden of proof that the organisation has indeed fulfilled that legal requirement is placed on the organisation.

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