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September 16, 2016 by Heng Thye Tan

10 Safety Tips For The Everyday Office Worker

Danger is everywhere, even in your own work place. A lot of things can go wrong even at one’s own desk. But we can prevent these accidents from happening by following these 10 simple safety tips that can prevent any hazards from happening in your office.

1. Sit up straight – avoid back problems by simply sitting straight.


Slouching can lead to complications like abnormal spine alignment or other types of back problems. Avoid that by sitting up straight all the time.

2. Stay active – stand up and stretch from time to time.


Sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to your overall health. Try standing up and stretching for 5 minutes for every 30 minutes of sitting to loosen up the joints and your body’s blood flow.

3. Stay clutter free – avoid piling various items that can possibly trip and fall right on to anyone.


Workers have the tendency to stack up huge files or boxes in the office. While this is not much of a problem, there is a tendency that it might trip and fall down which can hurt you or another worker. Try not to stack up items too high to avoid this scenario.

4. Keep a clear line of sight – avoid collisions with anyone or anything in the workplace.


Most accidents that happen in the workplace is often because someone is not watching where they are going, leading to them tripping or bumping to another person. Always keep a clear line of sight at all times especially when you are working.

5. Do not overload the shelves.


Do not exceed a shelf load capacity. Some workers tend to store tons of items on a wall shelf. By doing this, the shelf can give way due to the heavy load at any moment and onto a co-worker.

6. Be cautious – using various office tools or equipment with utmost caution


Everything from staplers, scissors or the office microwave, should be handled carefully. Handle every tool or equipment with care and caution every time.

7. Take a break – don’t stare at the monitor for too long to avoid eye irritation.


Give your eyes a break. When you feel like you’ve been sitting in front of the computer monitor for a significant amount of time, give yourself a break and relax. Look far away into the distance. Recharge those eyes.

8. Close work area or file drawers before leaving so others don't walk into them.


People can potentially trip on open file drawers and bump into open cabinet doors. Be considerate by closing them after using.

9. Report unsafe areas to avoid any accidents


As a worker it is your right to be assured that you are safe at your workplace (even if you are still prone to accidents), which is the reason why you need to exercise this by reporting to your supervisors on any potential dangerous or unsafe areas within the office to avoid any future accidents.

10. Find out your Building Safety Officer’s contact number


Your building safety officer ensures and monitors that the workplace is in top form and is free from hazardous areas. They also make sure that every worker follows the building’s safety policies. So it is essential for every worker to have this officer’s number to report any problem regarding the workplace. Most importantly, knowing the safety officer’s number will come in handy during a fire alarm as he will be the main point of contact for updates.


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